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Exclusive Indoor Pickleball

5228 West Central Avenue Wichita, Kansas

The Pickle Club is home to the best indoor courts available in Wichita! Designed for pickleball enthusiast and has a limited number of memberships.

We are open!!

Welcome Pickleball Friends!!! Here are some of the highlights of what we are offering.

We are a new club taking memberships. We are currently limiting to 50 members so get your spot today. We are considering increasing the membership cap based on the feedback we have received. We remain committed to ensuring our members have good court availability.

Membership Cost

6 month membership for $150.00 + tax

3 month membership is also offered for $90.00 + tax

Booking Courts

Court's are booked on line. You will receive a court confirmation email and door pin code and you are good to go!  


Court costs are per court NOT per person

Court cost are $24.00 + tax for 90 minutes or  $32.00 + tax for 2 hours. This is for all hours we are open no increase in price for evenings and Saturdays. Court cost will be paid at the time of reservation.

Guest fee is $5.10 per person for 90 minutes or $6.80 per person for 2 hours.


Currently we are offering open play on Sundays by skill level.  Free to our members and $8.00 for guests.  



Wichita's Premier Pickleball Club

Indoor, climate-controlled courts are open to members only. Membership comes with accesibility to lockers, restrooms, and showers.

Workout Facility

Our Facility

Our Methods

About Pickleball

Image by Cameron Venti
Leg Stretch
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Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America across all ages.

Health Benefits

Pickleball is excellent exercise for players along with building strength and mobility. 

Easy to Learn

The rules are simple. The game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast paced and competitive game as your progress your journey.

Social Sport

There are 2-4 players at a time on each court. With membership, you can sign up with your friends or be paired with another member to meet others in the club.


Hit Us Up Anytime

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